What is it?

MetaboWize Protein Fiber Shake is a premium protein shake product. It's high protein, high fiber, low carb, and has minimal sugar by using the natural plant-based sweetener, Stevia. This ultra-pure shake comes in two delicious flavors, Tropical Vanilla and Chocolate.

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What's it made of?
MetaboWize Shake is a proprietary, naturally sweetened protein fiber formulation consisting of cold processed, cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolates and concentrates (derived from hormone-free and antibiotic-free cattle) along with a specialized prebiotic and probiotic fiber blend.

What does it do?
The proprietary whey protein and fiber blend that create the framework of the MetaboWize Shake are designed to:

How do you take it?
The MetaboWize PM Formula is best taken as 1-2 capsules approximately half an hour before bedtime (with X2O water).

MetaboWize PM is designed to be consumed as part of the total MetaboWize program.

Why is it different from everything else?
The MetaboWize Shake can be consumed either as a standalone protein fiber shake (mixed with water, juice, or a healthy liquid of your choice) or blended with fresh or frozen fruit and an essential fatty acid like flaxseed oil (preferably organic).

For best results, the MetaboWize Shake is designed to be consumed as part of the MetaboWize program and taken twice daily in place of a solid meal (look for specialized shake recipes in the MetaboWize book).

Why is it different from everything else?
The MetaboWize Shake is an exclusive formulation of only the highest quality low-lactose cold-processed whey proteins. This perfect blend of isolates and concentrates are derived using an exclusive "chilling" technology in order not to disrupt the delicate balance of amino acids necessary for optimal metabolic function.

Many other whey protein formulas are derived by using excessive heat during manufacturing, which unfortunately denatures or changes the way the protein behaves once inside our bodies. The MetaboWize Shake proteins are easily absorbed and help to optimize metabolism, all the while working to reduce appetite and cravings.

The one-of-a-kind specialized fiber blend within the MetaboWize Shake consists of fibers that expand upon delivery to the stomach. Ultimately, this helps to further curb appetite and cravings, while the other fibers work as a food source for healthy bacteria. Healthy bacteria is key to maintaining optimal digestion, absorption of nutrients and proper elimination.

This one-two punch (whey proteins and functional fibers) and the unsurpassed quality of all ingredients within this proprietary formula is what truly sets the MetaboWize Shake apart from all the other formulas that overpopulate the natural wellness industry.